COVID Considerations:

MASK requirement

Although painting outdoors is a fairly safe activity, artists may want to consider wearing a mask if painting in areas with other artists close by,  or on a path with curious passers by.  


If the awards presentation can be done outdoors safely, all attendees must wear a mask.  Otherwise, we will conduct the ceremony via ZOOM.


Everyone who attends the final exhibit, including artists and organizers are required to wear a mask at all times.   

other measures

Artists, on a volunteer basis, will be on hand to answer questions about their painting experience and their work.  These will be scheduled to avoid crowds.

The number of visitors inside the exhibit building at any given time will also be monitored.  There may be times when visitors will have to wait outside, socially distanced.  If, we are told by public officials that this event cannot occur, we have plans to go virtual.

Our site for the final exhibit was chosen with the pandemic in mind.   It's Studio 264 at the Marietta Community House, 264 W Market St., Marietta, PA.   The space is vast.  Windows and doors will be open during the exhibit hours, weather permitting.  

The event includes separate days dedicated to drop off and pick up to avoid crowded conditions.