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RTPA 2023 Award Winners

Congratulations to our River Towns Plein Air 2023 award winners as follows:

1st Place
Paul Gallo
"Brunner Island at Night"


3rd Place
Kristin Hill
"River Fog in the Paddock"

2nd Place
Karen Weber
"Trees at Chiques Confluence"

4th Place
Beth Bathe
"Marietta Rooftops"

Honorable Mentions
  Radhika Srinivas - "The Restaurant at Railroad House"
  Carol Cowie - "Waltz in the Mist"
  Tarryl Gabel - "Twilight - Susquehanna River"
  John Slivjak - "Approaching Storm"
  Steve Wetzel - "From the Breezy View"

1st Place Open
  Cathy Cole - "Meyers Machine Tool Corporation"

2nd Place Open
  Sharon Barley - "Cherry Blossoms of Marietta"

3rd Place Open
  Matt Fenton - "Railroad Bridge at Waterfront Park"

Best Columbia Scene
  Fred Jackson - "Columbia Crossing"

Best Scene from John Wright Restaurant
  Henry Coe - "Arches"


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