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RTPA 2024 Award Winners

Many thanks to award juror Aaron Thompson who gave out the following prizes.

Congratulations to our River Towns Plein Air 2024 award winners as follows:

1st Place
Lynn Lewis


3rd Place
Gary Tucker
"The Locust"


2nd Place
Dorothy Frey
"BRHP 1st View"


4th Place
Freeman Dodsworth


Honorable Mentions
  Nancy Fine - "Wrightsville Water thru Forest"
  Tami Louco - "Turning Season Twisting River"
  Mick McAndrews - "Lake Clark Marina"
  Julie Riker - "High Water"
  Radhika Srinivas - "Magnificent View"

Best Scene from John Wright Restaurant
  Henry Coe - "North Front Street"

Best Marietta Scene
  Jared Cullum - "Last Bit of Light"

Best Structure at Nissley Vineyards
  Lesley Harbold - "Nissley Vineyards Bridge"

Best Columbia Scene
  Neil Savage - "North Columbia"

People's Choice Award
  Jared Cullum - "Columbia Rain"

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